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Beautiful Beginings

 I'm so very grateful to all of you! Thank you so much for all of the likes on our Bees4Seas FB page and joining us in creating a sustainable future. We appreciate you!!
Just got back from a photo shoot for our new Plastic alternative product, Natural Beeswax Wrap! I met the photographer at 7 am this morning and we braved the heat and the ants to capture images of our product. We're thrilled to launch two more products next week; Our Lunch pack, ideal for sandwiches and snacks, and the Economical Roll 14"x75", perfect for customizing your own wrap sizes for all of your food storage needs. 🐝🐢🐳
This week, as I returned to teaching, the most common question asked of me was "Why did you start another business?" I understand the confusion, after all, I'm a super busy mom of teens, a full time dedicated teacher, and Rodan + Fields Consultant!
A recent study concluded that millions of tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year and the effects are detrimental to the marine life. My family had been using Beeswax Wraps for a while, to replace plastic cling wrap and plastic baggies and we use them for everything, from burritos to watermelon. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the first to use this product, but we found the product was relatively unknown in our local area. We knew we had a sustainable solution to reduce plastic and we had to share! My creativity kicked in and my entrepreneurial spirit took over, and Bees4Seas was born!👩‍⚖️
Our all Natural Beeswax Wraps are reusable, biodegradable, and sustainable. Our company sources from bee keepers in the US, dedicated to the sustainability and health of the bee population, and we use only the finest US Ingredients. We start with organic cotton grown in Georgia, to create organic cotton material. Next, we source organic Jojoba Oil from a family farm in Arizona and tree resin from Kentucky. We add coconut oil to provide micro-bacterial properties, so food stays fresh.
How does it work? Our Natural Beeswax Wrap ingredients, provide a malleable product that seals food and locks in freshness. To clean, simply hand wash the wraps with an eco-friendly dish soap. Air dry. Reuse! Your wraps will last several months and can even be rejuvenated with additional beeswax. When your finished with the wrap, throw the wrap in your compost pile and return to the earth.🦋🐝🐳
This is beginning of our journey, as I have so much to learn about business. I'm very grateful for the support from all of you! Thank you for liking my page and joining us in creating a more sustainable future!!😘😘😘 

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