How Can We Help?

Eco-Friendly food wrap options for bakery and deli shops.

We Can Help Your Business Go Green!

Would you like to offer Bees4Seas products in your store?  Bees4Seas can help your business share eco-friendly  food storage options to your customers. 

We offer wholesale options and customized options for your bakery or sandwich shop.  Do you need a specific size wrap for your deli sandwich or baked goods? Let's work together to create the perfect solution!

We can customize for the needs of your business.
We can help you eliminate plastic waste in your business.

Quality You Can Trust!

 Bees4Seas Natual Eco-Wraps are free of toxins, biodegradable, and beautiful.  Handcrafted in the USA,  our eco-food wrap can help your business reduce waste.  Contact us with your needs and let's create together!